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25746842 Nutritional intervention and impact of polyphenol on glycohemoglobin (HbA1c) in non-diabetic and type 2 diabetic subjects: Systematic review and nmeta-analysis. 2017
26768594 Inhibition of the Receptor for Advanced Glycation End-Products (RAGE) Attenuates Neuroinflammation While Sensitizing Cortical Neurons Towards Death in Experimental Subarachnoid Hemorrhage. 2017
27160797 Delayed progression of diabetic cataractogenesis and retinopathy by Litchi chinensis in STZ-induced diabetic rats. 2017
27238050 Bis-Pyrano Prenyl Isoflavone Improves Glucose Homeostasis by Inhibiting Dipeptidyl Peptidase-4 in Hyperglycemic Rats. 2017
27271340 Advanced Glycation End Product (AGE) Accumulation in the Skin is Associated with Depression: The Maastricht Study. 2017
27373871 Diabetic retinopathy: Proteomic approaches to help the differential diagnosis and to understand the underlying molecular mechanisms. 2017
27394048 A simple colorimetric assay for measuring fructosamine 3 kinase activity. 2017
27434877 The structural alteration and aggregation propensity of glycated lens crystallins in the presence of calcium: Importance of lens calcium homeostasis in development of diabetic cataracts. 2017
27495752 Increased Extravascular Lung Water and Plasma Biomarkers of Acute Lung Injury Precede Oxygenation Impairment in Primary Graft Dysfunction After Lung Transplantation. 2017
27507531 Chemo-enzymatic synthesis of vinyl and l-ascorbyl phenolates and their inhibitory effects on advanced glycation end products. 2017
27526342 Characterizing harmful advanced glycation end-products (AGEs) and ribosylated aggregates of yellow mustard seed phytocystatin: Effects of different monosaccharides. 2017
27556728 Pathophysiology of peripheral arterial disease in diabetes mellitus. 2017
27556881 Glycation and cardiovascular disease in diabetes: A perspective on the concept of metabolic memory. 2017
27596399 Use of spent coffee grounds as food ingredient in bakery products. 2017
27596404 Ability of resveratrol to inhibit advanced glycation end product formation and carbohydrate-hydrolyzing enzyme activity, and to conjugate methylglyoxal. 2017
27598437 Glycation in human fingernail clippings using ATR-FTIR spectrometry, a new marker for the diagnosis and monitoring of diabetes mellitus. 2017
27608964 Attenuation of glycation-induced multiple protein modifications by Indian antidiabetic plant extracts. 2017
27643756 Effects of hyperglycemia on bone metabolism and bone matrix in goldfish scales. 2017
27650976 Effect of ultrasonic degradation of hyaluronic acid extracted from rooster comb on antioxidant and antiglycation activities. 2017
27664609 Monitoring protein glycation by electrospray ionization (ESI) quadrupole time-of-flight (Q-TOF) mass spectrometer. 2017
27664661 Protein breakdown and release of β-casomorphins during in vitro gastro-intestinal digestion of sterilised model systems of liquid infant formula. 2017
27664677 Effect of hydroxytyrosol and olive leaf extract on 1,2-dicarbonyl compounds, hydroxymethylfurfural and advanced glycation endproducts in a biscuit model. 2017
27671701 Derangement of calcium metabolism in diabetes mellitus: negative outcome from the synergy between impaired bone turnover and intestinal calcium absorption. 2017
27699448 M2 macrophages do not fly into a "RAGE". 2017
27704837 AGEs/RAGE-Related Neurodegeneration: daf-16 as a Mediator, Insulin as an Ameliorant, and C. elegans as an Expedient Research Model. 2017
27738860 Mangostanaxanthones III and IV: advanced glycation end-product inhibitors from the pericarp of Garcinia mangostana. 2017
27739363 The Effect of Treatments for Rheumatoid Arthritis on Endothelial Dysfunction Evaluated by Flow-Mediated Vasodilation in Patients with Rheumatoid Arthritis. 2017
27763891 Skin advanced glycation end products in HIV infection are increased and predictive of development of cardiovascular events. 2017
27765254 Dairy products and the Maillard reaction: A promising future for extensive food characterization by integrated proteomics studies. 2017
27773732 Chicken albumin exhibits natural resistance to glycation. 2017
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