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28930591 Lipoprotein(a) and cardiovascular disease: current state and future directions for an enigmatic lipoprotein. 2018
28926768 The effect of irrigation time and type of irrigation fluid on cartilage surface friction. 2017
28926809 Spatial distribution of glomalin-related soil protein and its relationship with sediment carbon sequestration across a mangrove forest. 2017
28927525 Alpha-1-antitrypsin deficiency: Genetic variations, clinical manifestations and therapeutic interventions. 2017
28928219 O2 sensing associated glycosylation exposes the F-box combining site of the Dictyostelium Skp1 subunit in E3 ubiquitin ligases. 2017
28928222 Single-subunit oligosaccharyltransferases of Trypanosoma brucei display different and predictable peptide acceptor specificities. 2017
28928453 Molecular characterization of emaraviruses associated with Pigeonpea sterility mosaic disease. 2017
28928726 Phosphoprotein Gene Contributes to the Enhanced Apoptosis Induced by Wild-Type Rabies Virus GD-SH-01 In Vitro. 2017
28928737 Env-Specific Antibodies in Chronic Infection versus in Vaccination. 2017
28928781 N-acetylneuraminic acid: A scrutinizing tool in oral squamous cell carcinoma diagnosis. 2017
28928834 CD55 and CD59 expression protects HER2-overexpressing breast cancer cells from trastuzumab-induced complement-dependent cytotoxicity. 2017
28929344 Glucosidase II beta subunit (GluIIβ) plays a role in autophagy and apoptosis regulation in lung carcinoma cells in a p53-dependent manner. 2017
28930450 Continuous sorting of cells based on differential P selectin glycoprotein ligand expression using molecular adhesion. 2017
28930913 The Effect of Lactoferrin and Pepsin-Treated Lactoferrin on IEC-6 Cell Damage Induced by Clostridium Difficile Toxin B. 2017
28931689 Vaccination with Recombinant Parainfluenza Virus 5 Expressing Neuraminidase Protects against Homologous and Heterologous Influenza Virus Challenge. 2017
28931754 Activated signature of antiphospholipid syndrome neutrophils reveals potential therapeutic target. 2017
28932638 The anti-SLAMF7 antibody elotuzumab mediates NK cell activation through both CD16-dependent and -independent mechanisms. 2017
28932871 Crystal structures of eukaryote glycosyltransferases reveal biologically relevant enzyme homooligomers. 2017
28932887 Microchip capillary gel electrophoresis combined with lectin affinity enrichment employing magnetic beads for glycoprotein analysis. 2017
28932905 Serum IgE and IgG4 against muscle larva excretory-secretory products during the early and late phases of human trichinellosis. 2017
28933058 Extracellular vesicles: how they interact with endothelium, potentially contributing to metastatic cancer cell implants. 2017
28933684 Screening of primary gp120 immunogens to formulate the next generation polyvalent DNA prime-protein boost HIV-1 vaccines. 2017
28933766 Involvement of the Integrin α1β1 in the Progression of Colorectal Cancer. 2017
28934288 Purification of rabbit serum histidine-proline-rich glycoprotein via preparative gel electrophoresis and characterization of its glycosylation patterns. 2017
28934818 Effects of Zinc Alpha2 Glycoprotein on Lipid Metabolism of Liver in High-Fat Diet-Induced Obese Mice. 2017
28935101 Chemoenzymatic Synthesis and Applications of Prokaryote-Specific UDP-Sugars. 2017
28935106 Chemoenzymatic Glycan Remodeling of Natural and Recombinant Glycoproteins. 2017
28935112 A Pipeline for Studying and Engineering Single-Subunit Oligosaccharyltransferases. 2017
28935113 Directed Evolution of Glycopeptides Using mRNA Display. 2017
28936557 Adjuvant activity of saponins from Kazakhstani plants on the immune responses to subunit influenza vaccine. 2017
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