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28853689 Sphingomonas silvisoli sp. nov., isolated from forest soil. 2017
28861129 Genome-wide DNA methylation analysis in blood cells from patients with Werner syndrome. 2017
28870328 Sphingolipids in marine microalgae: Development and application of a mass spectrometric method for global structural characterization of ceramides and glycosphingolipids in three major phyla. 2017
28872688 Liposomal α-galactosylceramide is taken up by gut-associated lymphoid tissue and stimulates local and systemic immune responses. 2017
28875894 Altererythrobacter aquiaggeris sp. nov., isolated from water of an estuary bank. 2017
28877708 Fabry disease and incidence of cancer. 2017
28884660 Parasphingopyxis algicola sp. nov., isolated from a marine red alga Asparagopsis taxiformis and emended description of the genus Parasphingopyxis Uchida et al. 2012. 2017
28884675 Sphingomonas frigidaeris sp. nov., isolated from an air conditioning system. 2017
28894900 Interaction Between Luteinizing Hormone-Releasing Hormone and GM1-Doped Cholesterol/Sphingomyelin Vesicles: A Spectroscopic Study. 2017
28902648 [Fabry disease: An overlooked diagnosis in adult cardiac patients]. 2017
28905365 Iron storage in liver, bone marrow and splenic Gaucheroma reflects residual disease in type 1 Gaucher disease patients on treatment. 2017
28905699 Sphingomonas jeddahensis sp. nov., isolated from Saudi Arabian desert soil. 2017
28911042 Novel Agents and Drug Targets to Meet the Challenges of Resistant Fungi. 2017
28920835 Erythrobacter arachoides sp. nov., isolated from ice core. 2017
28933318 Sphingomonas antarctica sp. nov., isolated from Antarctic tundra soil. 2017
28933368 Biomarkers and Imaging Findings of Anderson-Fabry Disease-What We Know Now. 2017
28935104 Syntheses of Fluorescent Gangliosides for the Studies of Raft Domains. 2017
28941080 Gb3 Glycosphingolipids with Fluorescent Oligoene Fatty Acids: Synthesis and Phase Behavior in Model Membranes. 2017
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