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26526199 The cell factory approach toward biotechnological production of high-value chitosan oligomers and their derivatives: an update. 2017
27060284 Knockdown of two trehalose-6-phosphate synthases severely affects chitin metabolism gene expression in the brown planthopper Nilaparvata lugens. 2017
27405042 Effects of residual novaluron on reproduction in alfalfa leafcutting bees, Megachile rotundata F. (Megachilidae). 2017
27473728 Responses to elevated CO2 exposure in a freshwater mussel, Fusconaia flava. 2017
27477008 Transcriptome response of Lolium arundinaceum to its fungal endophyte Epichlo├ź coenophiala. 2017
27507508 Effects of chitin nano-whiskers on the gelatinization and retrogradation of maize and potato starches. 2017
27568362 Protein content of the Hylesia metabus egg nest setae (Cramer [1775]) (Lepidoptera: Saturniidae) and its association with the parental investment for the reproductive success and lepidopterism. 2017
27576453 Effect of PEG and water-soluble chitosan coating on moxifloxacin-loaded PLGA long-circulating nanoparticles. 2017
27604099 Preparation and characterization of novel ╬▓-chitin/nanodiopside/nanohydroxyapatite composite scaffolds for tissue engineering applications. 2017
27615594 Comparative anti-psoriatic efficacy studies of clobetasol loaded chitin nanogel and marketed cream. 2017
27639577 Differences in carbon source utilisation by orchid mycorrhizal fungi from common and endangered species of Caladenia (Orchidaceae). 2017
27665082 Preparation and characterization of chitosan based injectable hydrogels enhanced by chitin nano-whiskers. 2017
27697490 Chitin hoops obtained from Ommatoiulus sabulosus (Diplopoda, Julidae) used for bovine serum albumin adsorption. 2017
27702524 Bio-inspired production of chitosan/chitin films from liquid crystalline suspensions. 2017
27720960 Pectin-non-starch nanofibers biocomposites as novel gastrointestinal-resistant prebiotics. 2017
27732924 Aplication of the statistical experimental design to optimize mine-impacted water (MIW) remediation using shrimp-shell. 2017
27765523 Bacterial selection for biological control of plant disease: criterion determination and validation. 2017
27765570 Alkaline proteases from a newly isolated Micromonospora chaiyaphumensis S103: Characterization and application as a detergent additive and for chitin extraction from shrimp shell waste. 2017
27770928 In situ chitin isolation from body parts of a centipede and lysozyme adsorption studies. 2017
27773489 Repair of rotator cuff injuries using different composites. 2017
27793680 Purification, physico-chemical characterization and thermodynamics of chitooligosaccharide binding to cucumber (Cucumis sativus) phloem lectin. 2017
27810527 Chitin degradation and electricity generation by Aeromonas hydrophila in microbial fuel cells. 2017
27814634 Go Fly a Chitin: The Mystery of Chitin and Chitinases in Vertebrate Tissues. 2017
27826036 Molecular characterization and expression analysis of chitinase from the pearl oyster Pinctada fucata. 2017
27842805 Value-added organonitrogen chemicals evolution from the pyrolysis of chitin and chitosan. 2017
27856284 Multiwavelength micromirrors in the cuticle of scarab beetle Chrysina gloriosa. 2017
27887722 The Effect of Specific Surface Area of Chitin-Metal Silicate Coprocessed Excipient on the Chemical Decomposition of Cefotaxime Sodium. 2017
27894825 Designing chitosan-tripolyphosphate microparticles with desired size for specific pharmaceutical or forensic applications. 2017
27918923 Adsorption of valuable metals from leachates of mobile phone wastes using biopolymers and activated carbon. 2017
27921385 "Practical" Electrospinning of Biopolymers in Ionic Liquids. 2017
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