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28930596 Modified low-density lipoproteins as biomarkers in diabetes and metabolic syndrome. 2018
28926673 Combinatorial genome and protein engineering yields monoclonal antibodies with hypergalactosylation from CHO cells. 2017
28928219 O2 sensing associated glycosylation exposes the F-box combining site of the Dictyostelium Skp1 subunit in E3 ubiquitin ligases. 2017
28928220 Characterization of a cytoplasmic glucosyltransferase that extends the core trisaccharide of the Toxoplasma Skp1 E3 ubiquitin ligase subunit. 2017
28928222 Single-subunit oligosaccharyltransferases of Trypanosoma brucei display different and predictable peptide acceptor specificities. 2017
28929132 Interplay between protein glycosylation pathways in Alzheimer's disease. 2017
28931684 Zika Virus Encoding Non-Glycosylated Envelope Protein is Attenuated and Defective in Neuroinvasion. 2017
28932688 ALG9-CDG: New clinical case and review of the literature. 2017
28932884 Facile and easily popularized synthesis of L-cysteine-functionalized magnetic nanoparticles based on one-step functionalization for highly efficient enrichment of glycopeptides. 2017
28934288 Purification of rabbit serum histidine-proline-rich glycoprotein via preparative gel electrophoresis and characterization of its glycosylation patterns. 2017
28934626 Stereoselective sialylation with O-trifluoroacetylated thiosialosides: hydrogen bonding involved? 2017
28935101 Chemoenzymatic Synthesis and Applications of Prokaryote-Specific UDP-Sugars. 2017
28935112 A Pipeline for Studying and Engineering Single-Subunit Oligosaccharyltransferases. 2017
28935113 Directed Evolution of Glycopeptides Using mRNA Display. 2017
28936802 Significance of Mitochondrial Protein Post-translational Modifications in Pathophysiology of Brain Injury. 2017
28939024 Biotransformation of quercetin by Gliocladium deliquescens NRRL 1086. 2017
28939357 Structural analysis of Dioclea lasiocarpa lectin: a C6 cells apoptosis-inducing protein. 2017
28939645 Cyclooxygenase 2: protein-protein interactions and posttranslational modifications. 2017
28940310 Single-center experience of N-linked Congenital Disorders of Glycosylation with a Summary of Molecularly Characterized Cases in Arabs. 2017
28940633 Programmable Glycan-Presentation of Glycodendrimersomes and Cells React with Engineered Human Lectins to Unveil Cell-Surface Sugar Functionality. 2017
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