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28927001 A Review and Database of Snake Venom Proteomes. 2017
28929088 Microbial Invasion vs. Tick Immune Regulation. 2017
28931061 Binding of a C-type lectin's coiled-coil domain to the Domeless receptor directly activates the JAK/STAT pathway in the shrimp immune response to bacterial infection. 2017
28932887 Microchip capillary gel electrophoresis combined with lectin affinity enrichment employing magnetic beads for glycoprotein analysis. 2017
28933278 An insight into biophysical characterization and genotoxicity assessment of Concanavalin A immobilized on zinc oxide nanoparticles. 2017
28934340 Using RNA-seq data to select reference genes for normalizing gene expression in apple roots. 2017
28934853 Responsive Photonic Crystal Carbohydrate Hydrogel Sensor Materials for Selective and Sensitive Lectin Protein Detection. 2017
28937648 Separation and Enrichment of Lectin from Zihua Snap-Bean (Phaseolus vulgaris) Seeds by PEG 600-Ammonium Sulfate Aqueous Two-Phase System. 2017
28937743 Rational Design of an Anticalin-Type Sugar-Binding Protein Using a Genetically Encoded Boronate Side Chain. 2017
28938960 Galectin-3 and incidence of atrial fibrillation: The Atherosclerosis Risk in Communities (ARIC) study. 2017
28939357 Structural analysis of Dioclea lasiocarpa lectin: a C6 cells apoptosis-inducing protein. 2017
28939555 A novel therapeutic strategy for pancreatic cancer: targeting cell surface glycan using rBC2LC-N lectin-drug conjugate (LDC). 2017
28939965 Complement Immune Evasion by Spirochetes. 2017
28940633 Programmable Glycan-Presentation of Glycodendrimersomes and Cells React with Engineered Human Lectins to Unveil Cell-Surface Sugar Functionality. 2017
28933128 [Effects of processing on toxic components of Pinellia Rhizoma and its detoxification mechanism]. 2016
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