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28867106 Application of dietary fiber method AOAC 2011.25 in fruit and comparison with AOAC 991.43 method. 2018
26526199 The cell factory approach toward biotechnological production of high-value chitosan oligomers and their derivatives: an update. 2017
26776058 A longitudinal study of human milk composition in the second year postpartum: implications for human milk banking. 2017
27314848 Rapid and sensitive MALDI MS analysis of oligosaccharides by using 2-hydrazinopyrimidine as a derivative reagent and co-matrix. 2017
27325464 Analysis of heparin oligosaccharides by capillary electrophoresis-negative-ion electrospray ionization mass spectrometry. 2017
27400121 Three new resin glycosides compounds from Argyreia acuta and their α-glucosidase inhibitory activity. 2017
27490136 Novel function of the endoplasmic reticulum degradation-enhancing α-mannosidase-like proteins in the human hepatitis B virus life cycle, mediated by the middle envelope protein. 2017
27500401 Cellobiose dehydrogenase and chitosan-based lysozyme responsive materials for antimicrobial wound treatment. 2017
27507473 Seed coat color and seed weight contribute differential responses of targeted metabolites in soybean seeds. 2017
27515911 Binding free energy calculations on E-selectin complexes with sLex oligosaccharide analogs. 2017
27534412 Characterization of endo-β-mannanase from Enterobacter ludwigii MY271 and application in pulp industry. 2017
27576198 Purification, expression and characterization of a novel α-l-fucosidase from a marine bacteria Wenyingzhuangia fucanilytica. 2017
27596415 Preparation and antioxidant activities of oligosaccharides from Crassostrea gigas. 2017
27664611 Characterization of the glucansucrase GTF180 W1065 mutant enzymes producing polysaccharides and oligosaccharides with altered linkage composition. 2017
27670784 Quantitative study of yeast Alg1 beta-1, 4 mannosyltransferase activity, a key enzyme involved in protein N-glycosylation. 2017
27693835 Structural elucidation of anti-metastatic rhamnogalacturonan II from the pectinase digest of citrus peels (Citrus unshiu). 2017
27702538 Impact of degree of oxidation on the physicochemical properties of microcrystalline cellulose. 2017
27713060 Affinity purification of native glycodelin from amniotic fluid for biological investigations and development of a glycodelin ELISA for clinical studies. 2017
27714445 Human milk and mucosal lacto- and galacto-N-biose synthesis by transgalactosylation and their prebiotic potential in Lactobacillus species. 2017
27714557 Highly efficient transglycosylation of sialo-complex-type oligosaccharide using Coprinopsis cinerea endoglycosidase and sugar oxazoline. 2017
27717787 A protease-resistant α-galactosidase from Pleurotus djamor with broad pH stability and good hydrolytic activity toward raffinose family oligosaccharides. 2017
27743363 Analysis of Milk Oligosaccharides by Mass Spectrometry. 2017
27743366 Analysis of Invertebrate and Protist N-Glycans. 2017
27743371 Databases and Associated Tools for Glycomics and Glycoproteomics. 2017
27757838 Fucosyltransferase-4 and Oligosaccharide Lewis Y Antigen as potentially Correlative Biomarkers of Helicobacter pylori CagA Associated Gastric Cancer. 2017
27765234 Characterization of Stevia leaves by LC-QTOF MS/MS analysis of polar and non-polar extracts. 2017
27769035 Synthesis and biological evaluation of chemical tools for the study of Dolichol Linked Oligosaccharide Diphosphatase (DLODP). 2017
27779388 Health Risks and Benefits of Chickpea (Cicer arietinum) Consumption. 2017
27791284 Preliminary mass spectrometry characterization studies of galectin-3 samples, prior to carbohydrate-binding studies using Affinity mass spectrometry. 2017
27792926 Polymalic acid fermentation by Aureobasidium pullulans for malic acid production from soybean hull and soy molasses: Fermentation kinetics and economic analysis. 2017
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