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28873611 A galactomannoglucan derived from Agaricus brasiliensis: Purification, characterization and macrophage activation via MAPK and IκB/NFκB pathways. 2018
28873630 Performances of different protocols for exocellular polysaccharides extraction from milk acid gels: Application to yogurt. 2018
28873642 Chemical crosslinking improves the gastrointestinal stability and enhances nutrient delivery potentials of egg yolk LDL/polysaccharide nanogels. 2018
28930611 Biomass breakdown: A review on pretreatment, instrumentations and methods. 2018
25921546 Role of polysaccharides in food, digestion, and health. 2017
25976096 The unresolved role of dietary fibers on mineral absorption. 2017
26020134 Overview on the mechanisms of coffee germination and fermentation and their significance for coffee and coffee beverage quality. 2017
26478568 Biological and mechanical characterization of chitosan-alginate scaffolds for growth factor delivery and chondrogenesis. 2017
26526199 The cell factory approach toward biotechnological production of high-value chitosan oligomers and their derivatives: an update. 2017
26705856 Effect of endodontic irrigants on biofilm matrix polysaccharides. 2017
26754958 Synthesis, self-assembly, and in vitro toxicity of fatty acids-modified Bletilla striata polysaccharide. 2017
26855181 Modified alginate and gelatin cross-linked hydrogels for soft tissue adhesive. 2017
26993347 The plant secretory pathway seen through the lens of the cell wall. 2017
27048178 Female gametophyte and embryo development in Helleborus bocconei Ten. (Ranunculaceae). 2017
27076216 Comparative micromorphology and anatomy of flowers and floral secretory structures in two Viburnum species. 2017
27091341 The right motifs for plant cell adhesion: what makes an adhesive site? 2017
27161557 Ultrasonically extracted β-d-glucan from artificially cultivated mushroom, characteristic properties and antioxidant activity. 2017
27249093 Impact of electrocoagulation of soluble microbial products on membrane fouling at different volatile suspended solids' concentrations. 2017
27318178 Identification of potential targets for an anticoagulant pectin. 2017
27321585 Modifications to the composition of the hyphal outer layer of Aspergillus fumigatus modulates HUVEC proteins related to inflammatory and stress responses. 2017
27431930 Lipopolysaccharide- and β-1,3-glucan-binding protein from Fenneropenaeus merguiensis functions as a pattern recognition receptor with a broad specificity for diverse pathogens in the defense against microorganisms. 2017
27432784 Screening of Alginate Lyase-Producing Bacteria and Optimization of Media Compositions for Extracellular Alginate Lyase Production. 2017
27476720 Association between population structure and allele frequencies of the glycogen synthase 1 mutation in the Austrian Noriker draft horse. 2017
27484261 Wheat bran components modulate intestinal bacteria and gene expression of barrier function relevant proteins in a piglet model. 2017
27488175 Multilayered materials based on biopolymers as drug delivery systems. 2017
27496760 Cryptococcus neoformans UGT1 encodes a UDP-Galactose/UDP-GalNAc transporter. 2017
27507463 Validation of a high-performance size-exclusion chromatography method to determine and characterize β-glucans in beer wort using a triple-detector array. 2017
27510582 Original Research: Potential ocular protection and dynamic observation of Polygonatum sibiricum polysaccharide against streptozocin-induced diabetic rats' model. 2017
27521023 The first bacterial β-1,6-endoglucanase from Saccharophagus degradans 2-40T for the hydrolysis of pustulan and laminarin. 2017
27542452 Carboxymethylated degraded polysaccharides from Enteromorpha prolifera: Preparation and in vitro antioxidant activity. 2017
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