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28873618 Unravelling proteome changes of chicken egg whites under carbon dioxide modified atmosphere packaging. 2018
28873655 Proteomic analysis of sweet algerian apricot kernels (Prunus armeniaca L.) by combinatorial peptide ligand libraries and LC-MS/MS. 2018
28843336 The effect of Trimetazidine and Diazoxide on immunomodulatory activity of human embryonic stem cell-derived mesenchymal stem cell secretome. 2017
28843533 The molecular mechanism and post-transcriptional regulation characteristic of Tetragenococcus halophilus acclimation to osmotic stress revealed by quantitative proteomics. 2017
28843631 Structural coverage of the proteome for pharmaceutical applications. 2017
28843803 Downregulation of Apolipoprotein-E and Apolipoprotein-J in Moyamoya Disease-A Proteome Analysis of Cerebrospinal Fluid. 2017
28844130 Proteomic Analysis of Human Adipose Derived Stem Cells during Small Molecule Chemical Stimulated Pre-neuronal Differentiation. 2017
28845672 Proteome-wide analysis of N-glycosylation stoichiometry using SWATH technology. 2017
28846213 Proteome dynamics in biobanked horse peripheral blood derived lymphocytes (PBL) with induced autoimmune uveitis. 2017
28846684 Outer membrane proteins analysis of Shigella sonnei and evaluation of their antigenicity in Shigella infected individuals. 2017
28846722 Proteome dynamics and physiological responses to short-term salt stress in Leymus chinensis leaves. 2017
28847524 Understanding the response of Desulfovibrio desulfuricans ATCC 27774 to the electron acceptors nitrate and sulfate - biosynthetic costs modulate substrate selection. 2017
28847647 Effects of Fe and Mn deficiencies on the protein profiles of tomato (Solanum lycopersicum) xylem sap as revealed by shotgun analyses. 2017
28847733 DNA methyltransferase homologue TRDMT1 in Plasmodium falciparum specifically methylates endogenous aspartic acid tRNA. 2017
28849145 Proteomic profile‑based screening of potential protein biomarkers in the urine of patients with nephrotic syndrome. 2017
28849249 Protein levels of clusterin and glutathione synthetase in platelets allow for early detection of colorectal cancer. 2017
28849660 The Proteomics Standards Initiative: Fifteen Years of Progress and Future Work. 2017
28850209 Hydrogen sulfide (H2S) and reactive sulfur species (RSS) impact proteome S-sulfhydration and global virulence regulation in Staphylococcus aureus. 2017
28850235 Low Focal Adhesion Signaling Promotes Ground State Pluripotency of Mouse Embryonic Stem Cells. 2017
28850952 Influence of NanoLC Column and Gradient Length as well as MS/MS Frequency and Sample Complexity on Shotgun Protein Identification of Marine Bacteria. 2017
28851044 And yet it is modified - Holding a candle to the dark matter of white matter. 2017
28851515 Alterations in the E3 ligases Parkin and CHIP result in unique metabolic signaling defects and mitochondrial quality control issues. 2017
28851587 Exploration of variations in proteome and metabolome for predictive diagnostics and personalized treatment algorithms: Innovative approach and examples for potential clinical application. 2017
28852088 Quantitative proteome and phosphoproteome analyses highlight the adherent population during Trypanosoma cruzi metacyclogenesis. 2017
28852881 iTRAQ-based proteomics monitors the withering dynamics in postharvest leaves of tea plant (Camellia sinensis). 2017
28852933 Extracellular Cytosolic Aspartate Aminotransferase Promotes Axonal Growth and Object Recognition Memory. 2017
28853452 Strategies for large-scale analysis of non-histone protein methylation by LC-MS/MS. 2017
28853897 Progress on the HUPO Draft Human Proteome: 2017 Metrics of the Human Proteome Project. 2017
28854356 Multilayered Reprogramming in Response to Persistent DNA Damage in C. elegans. 2017
28854368 Genomic Determinants of Protein Abundance Variation in Colorectal Cancer Cells. 2017
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