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28873519 Differential expression of albumins and globulins of wheat flours of different technological qualities revealed by nanoUPLC-UDMSE. 2018
28873599 Peptides derived from tryptic hydrolysate of Bacillus subtilis culture suppress fungal spoilage of table grapes. 2018
28873655 Proteomic analysis of sweet algerian apricot kernels (Prunus armeniaca L.) by combinatorial peptide ligand libraries and LC-MS/MS. 2018
28930546 Tick-host-pathogen systems immunobiology: an interactive trio. 2018
28930563 Mass spectrometry-based proteomic analysis of the DNA damage response. 2018
28930587 Prenylcysteine oxidase 1, a pro-oxidant enzyme of low density lipoproteins. 2018
26370108 hTERT promotes the invasion of gastric cancer cells by enhancing FOXO3a ubiquitination and subsequent ITGB1 upregulation. 2017
26507102 Characterisation of lubricin in synovial fluid from horses with osteoarthritis. 2017
26526919 Trapping devices of nematode-trapping fungi: formation, evolution, and genomic perspectives. 2017
26790859 Excavatolide B inhibits nonsmall cell lung cancer proliferation by altering peroxisome proliferator activated receptor gamma expression and PTEN/AKT/NF-Kβ expression. 2017
26808590 Using a proteometabolomic approach to investigate the role of Dufour's gland in pheromone biosynthesis in the social wasp Polybia paulista. 2017
26833720 Identification of genes involved in rice seed priming in the early imbibition stage. 2017
26837223 Salinity-induced inhibition of growth in the aquatic pteridophyte Azolla microphylla primarily involves inhibition of photosynthetic components and signaling molecules as revealed by proteome analysis. 2017
26863269 Gold nanoparticles and bioconjugation: a pathway for proteomic applications. 2017
26879310 High perfluorooctanoic acid exposure induces autophagy blockage and disturbs intracellular vesicle fusion in the liver. 2017
26888062 Toxic effects of mercury on the cell nucleus of Dictyostelium discoideum. 2017
26919394 A timeline of stable isotopes and mass spectrometry in the life sciences. 2017
26968248 Screening and identification of molecular targets for cancer therapy. 2017
26984711 Prolonged exposure to low-dose microcystin induces nonalcoholic steatohepatitis in mice: a systems toxicology study. 2017
26988937 Shaping of cutaneous function by encounters with commensals. 2017
27039104 Mechanistic evaluation of primary human hepatocyte culture using global proteomic analysis reveals a selective dedifferentiation profile. 2017
27062443 Systems biology approaches to understand the effects of nutrition and promote health. 2017
27091730 Proteome analysis identifies L1CAM/CD171 and DPP4/CD26 as novel markers of human skin mast cells. 2017
27126604 Time course of lead induced proteomic changes in gill of the Antarctic limpet Nacella Concinna (Gastropoda: Patellidae). 2017
27160518 Higher C-Reactive Protein Levels Predict Postoperative Delirium in Older Patients Undergoing Major Elective Surgery: A Longitudinal Nested Case-Control Study. 2017
27184738 Human tear proteomics and peptidomics in ophthalmology: Toward the translation of proteomic biomarkers into clinical practice. 2017
27208787 Neutrophil proteomic analysis reveals the participation of antioxidant enzymes, motility and ribosomal proteins in the prevention of ischemic effects by preconditioning. 2017
27216643 Screening for target toxins of the antiophidic protein DM64 through a gel-based interactomics approach. 2017
27222040 Unveiling alterative splice diversity from human oligodendrocyte proteome data. 2017
27224670 Elevated levels of circulating CDH5 and FABP1 in association with human drug-induced liver injury. 2017
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