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28926278 Planar Optical Nano-Antennas Resolve Cholesterol-Dependent Nanoscale Heterogeneities in the Plasma Membrane of Living Cells. 2017
28930445 Thermo-responsive and Active Functional Fiber Mats for Cultured Cell Recovery. 2017
28931396 IL-4-induced caveolin-1-containing lipid rafts aggregation contributes to MUC5AC synthesis in bronchial epithelial cells. 2017
28934548 Controlling Styrene Maleic acid lipid particles through RAFT. 2017
28935104 Syntheses of Fluorescent Gangliosides for the Studies of Raft Domains. 2017
28937226 Diblock Terpolymers Are Tunable and pH Responsive Vehicles To Increase Hydrophobic Drug Solubility for Oral Administration. 2017
28939895 A Single Sphingomyelin Species Promotes Exosomal Release of Endoglin into the Maternal Circulation in Preeclampsia. 2017
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