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26115419 The nutritional role of free sialic acid, a human milk monosaccharide, and its application as a functional food ingredient. 2017
26733187 Molecular dynamics of sialic acid analogues complex with cholera toxin and DFT optimization of ethylene glycol-mediated zinc nanocluster conjugation. 2017
27481167 Fluorescent molecularly imprinted polymers as plastic antibodies for selective labeling and imaging of hyaluronan and sialic acid on fixed and living cells. 2017
27511707 Synthesis and cardiovascular protective effects of quercetin 7-O-sialic acid. 2017
27683310 Mice lacking sialyltransferase ST3Gal-II develop late-onset obesity and insulin resistance. 2017
27695962 Isotope-targeted glycoproteomics (IsoTaG) analysis of sialylated N- and O-glycopeptides on an Orbitrap Fusion Tribrid using azido and alkynyl sugars. 2017
27720757 Comprehensive analysis of α 2-3-linked sialic acid specific Maackia amurensis leukagglutinin reveals differentially occupied N-glycans and C-terminal processing. 2017
27743358 Sialic Acid Derivatization for the Rapid Subclass- and Sialic Acid Linkage-Specific MALDI-TOF-MS Analysis of IgG Fc-Glycopeptides. 2017
27743360 Analysis of Permethylated Glycan by Liquid Chromatography (LC) and Mass Spectrometry (MS). 2017
27743367 High-Throughput and High-Sensitivity Mass Spectrometry-Based N-Glycomics of Mammalian Cells. 2017
27781489 Altered glycosyltransferases in colorectal cancer. 2017
27793716 Sialic acid-specific lectin participates in an immune response and ovarian development of the banana shrimp Fenneropenaeus merguiensis. 2017
27816637 Co-expression of sialic acid receptors compatible with avian and human influenza virus binding in emus (Dromaius novaehollandiae). 2017
27825034 Influenza A virus hemagglutinin specific antibodies interfere with virion neuraminidase activity via two distinct mechanisms. 2017
27836718 Terminal carbohydrates abundance, immune related enzymes, bactericidal activity and physico-chemical parameters of the Senegalese sole (Solea senegalensis, Kaup) skin mucus. 2017
27866080 Highly sensitive detection of cancer cells with an electrochemical cytosensor based on boronic acid functional polythiophene. 2017
27867116 Automatic and rapid identification of glycopeptides by nano-UPLC-LTQ-FT-MS and proteomic search engine. 2017
27888305 Reversed-phase separation methods for glycan analysis. 2017
27926828 Harnessing cancer cell metabolism for theranostic applications using metabolic glycoengineering of sialic acid in breast cancer as a pioneering example. 2017
27942463 Multigene panel next generation sequencing in a patient with cherry red macular spot: Identification of two novel mutations in NEU1 gene causing sialidosis type I associated with mild to unspecific biochemical and enzymatic findings. 2017
27997162 Carbohydrate-Neuroactive Hybrid Strategy for Metabolic Glycan Engineering of the Central Nervous System in Vivo. 2017
28005299 Polymeric Selectin Ligands Mimicking Complex Carbohydrates: From Selectin Binders to Modifiers of Macrophage Migration. 2017
28035816 Retargeting Polyomavirus-Like Particles to Cancer Cells by Chemical Modification of Capsid Surface. 2017
28042340 Systemic siRNA Delivery with a Dual pH-Responsive and Tumor-targeted Nanovector for Inhibiting Tumor Growth and Spontaneous Metastasis in Orthotopic Murine Model of Breast Carcinoma. 2017
28049733 Physiological Exploration of the Long Term Evolutionary Selection against Expression of N-Glycolylneuraminic Acid in the Brain. 2017
28051302 Preparation of Sialic Acid-Imprinted Fluorescent Conjugated Nanoparticles and Their Application for Targeted Cancer Cell Imaging. 2017
28051846 Selective Intracellular Delivery of Ganglioside GM3-Binding Peptide through Caveolae/Raft-Mediated Endocytosis. 2017
28053670 The complete genome sequence of Cronobacter sakazakii ATCC 29544T, a food-borne pathogen, isolated from a child's throat. 2017
28054185 Characterization of human hybrid cell line, F2N78, through a comparison of culture performances and protein qualities. 2017
28056926 Edible bird's nest modulate intracellular molecular pathways of influenza A virus infected cells. 2017
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