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28846656 The Sea as a Rich Source of Structurally Unique Glycosaminoglycans and Mimetics. 2017
28859141 Asporin-deficient mice have tougher skin and altered skin glycosaminoglycan content and structure. 2017
28860717 Development of idursulfase therapy for mucopolysaccharidosis type II (Hunter syndrome): the past, the present and the future. 2017
28884960 Genotypic-phenotypic features and enzyme replacement therapy outcome in patients with mucopolysaccharidosis VI from Turkey. 2017
28899488 Investigating the structural and functional features of representative recombinants of chondroitinase ABC I. 2017
28933358 Substrate Deprivation Therapy to Reduce Glycosaminoglycan Synthesis Improves Aspects of Neurological and Skeletal Pathology in MPS I Mice. 2017
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