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28926599 Experimental colitis delays and reduces the severity of collagen-induced arthritis in mice. 2017
28927130 Stereomicroscopic features of colitis-associated tumors in mice: Evaluation of pit pattern. 2017
28927798 Effect of charcoal:dextran stripped fetal bovine serum on in vitro development of bovine embryos. 2017
28927842 Synthesis and preparation of biodegradable hybrid dextran hydrogel incorporated with biodegradable curcumin nanomicelles for full thickness wound healing. 2017
28929101 Current Trends in Volume Replacement Therapy and the Use of Synthetic Colloids in Small Animals-An Internet-Based Survey (2016). 2017
28929336 Melatonin alters amino acid metabolism and inflammatory responses in colitis mice. 2017
28930937 Administration of Hypertonic Solutions for Hemorrhagic Shock: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis of Clinical Trials. 2017
28931831 Hyperhomocysteinemia Alters Retinal Endothelial Cells Barrier Function and Angiogenic Potential via Activation of Oxidative Stress. 2017
28932762 Liposome Disruption Assay to Examine Lytic Properties of Biomolecules. 2017
28932838 Engineered biomimetic nanovesicles show intrinsic anti-inflammatory properties for the treatment of inflammatory bowel diseases. 2017
28933847 Preparation and characterization of mucoadhesive nanoparticles for enhancing cellular uptake of coenzyme Q10. 2017
28934661 Dextran coated silver nanoparticles - Chemical sensor for selective cysteine detection. 2017
28935000 Effect of Early-life Gut Mucosal Compromise on Disease Progression in NOD Mice. 2017
28935001 Lack of Effect of Murine Astrovirus Infection on Dextran Sulfate-induced Colitis in NLRP3-deficient Mice. 2017
28935635 Serpinb3 is overexpressed in the liver in presence of iron overload. 2017
28937245 Dextran sodium sulphate (DSS)-induced colitis alters the expression of neurotrophins in smooth muscle cells of rat colon. 2017
28938014 Intestinal helminth infection drives carcinogenesis in colitis-associated colon cancer. 2017
28938381 Accelerated Epi-on Versus Standard Epi-off Corneal Collagen Cross-Linking for Progressive Keratoconus in Pediatric Patients. 2017
28938606 Oroxylin A inhibits colitis by inactivating NLRP3 inflammasome. 2017
28941417 Protective role of liriodendrin in mice with dextran sulphate sodium-induced ulcerative colitis. 2017
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