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28846383 Mannobiose Binding Induces Changes in Hydrogen Bonding and Protonation States of Acidic Residues in Concanavalin A As Revealed by Neutron Crystallography. 2017
28846389 Glycosidase Inhibition by Multivalent Presentation of Heparan Sulfate Saccharides on Bottlebrush Polymers. 2017
28846656 The Sea as a Rich Source of Structurally Unique Glycosaminoglycans and Mimetics. 2017
28849091 Effect of diet and individual dietary guidance on gastrointestinal endocrine cells in patients with irritable bowel syndrome (Review). 2017
28863894 Characterization of a pectin from LonicerajaponicaThunb and its inhibition effect on Aβ42 aggregation and promotion of neuritogenesis. 2017
28867201 The Influence of Mannitol Hemihydrate on the Secondary Drying Dynamics of a Protein Formulation: A Case Study. 2017
28867793 Diet, Gut Microbiome and Epigenetics: Emerging Links with Inflammatory Bowel Diseases and Prospects for Management and Prevention. 2017
28867957 Synthesis of the Galactosyl Derivative of Gluconic Acid With the Transglycosylation Activity of β-Galactosidase. 2017
28869469 Trehalose Improves Cognition in the Transgenic Tg2576 Mouse Model of Alzheimer's Disease. 2017
28871437 Free radical studies of components of the extracellular matrix: contributions to protection of biomolecules and biomaterials from sterilising doses of ionising radiation. 2017
28872467 Irritable bowel syndrome and diet: where are we in 2018? 2017
28875419 Lactulose decreases neuronal activation and attenuates motor behavioral deficits in hyperammonemic rats. 2017
28891824 Low FODMAP: A Preliminary Strategy to Reduce Gastrointestinal Distress in Athletes. 2017
28894089 Heparan sulfate proteoglycans present PCSK9 to the LDL receptor. 2017
28901040 In Situ Generated Piers' Borane-Catalyzed Selective C-O Bond Cleavage of Sugars with Hydrosilanes. 2017
28901557 Intrinsically Disordered Proteins and Desiccation Tolerance: Elucidating Functional and Mechanistic Underpinnings of Anhydrobiosis. 2017
28902286 Specific antigen serologic tests in leprosy: implications for epidemiological surveillance of leprosy cases and household contacts. 2017
28905070 Sodium-cationized carbohydrate gas-phase fragmentation chemistry: influence of glycosidic linkage position. 2017
28905094 Recent advances on the difructose anhydride IV preparation from levan conversion. 2017
28905280 Enzymatic synthesis of fucose-containing galacto-oligosaccharides using β-galactosidase and identification of novel disaccharide structures. 2017
28913843 Food and functional dyspepsia: a systematic review. 2017
28916301 Enhancing monoterpene alcohols in sweet potato shochu using the diglycoside-specific β-primeverosidase. 2017
28917089 The trehalose-specific transporter LpqY-SugABC is required for antimicrobial and anti-biofilm activity of trehalose analogues in Mycobacterium smegmatis. 2017
28922262 Sugar in Infants, Children and Adolescents: A Position Paper of the European Society for Paediatric Gastroenterology, Hepatology and Nutrition Committee on Nutrition. 2017
28927620 Addition of Pullulan to Trehalose Glasses Improves the Stability of β-Galactosidase at High Moisture Conditions. 2017
28928220 Characterization of a cytoplasmic glucosyltransferase that extends the core trisaccharide of the Toxoplasma Skp1 E3 ubiquitin ligase subunit. 2017
28929011 In rats fed high-energy diets, taste, rather than fat content, is the key factor increasing food intake: a comparison of a cafeteria and a lipid-supplemented standard diet. 2017
28929161 Synthesis and photophysical properties of a bichromophoric system hosting a disaccharide spacer. 2017
28929776 Lactulose enemas in the treatment of hepatic encephalopathy. Do we help or harm? 2017
28934626 Stereoselective sialylation with O-trifluoroacetylated thiosialosides: hydrogen bonding involved? 2017
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