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27812879 Senescence-Like Phenotypes in Human Nevi. 2017
27812880 Detection of Oncogene-Induced Senescence In Vivo. 2017
28109187 Antimicrobial and antioxidant activities of Saccharomyces cerevisiae IFST062013, a potential probiotic. 2017
28117788 Tunable Hydrogels from Pulmonary Extracellular Matrix for 3D Cell Culture. 2017
28254702 Simultaneous knock-down of six β-galactosidase genes in petunia petals prevents loss of pectic galactan but decreases petal strength. 2017
28319682 N-Substituted 5-amino-1-hydroxymethyl-cyclopentanetriols: A new family of activity promotors for a GM1-gangliosidosis related human lysosomal β-galactosidase mutant. 2017
28337063 A novel mutation and in vivo confocal microscopic findings in Fabry disease. 2017
28340804 Preliminary Screening Results of Fabry Disease in Kidney Transplantation Patients: A Single-Center Study. 2017
28382085 Identification of a Novel GLA Mutation (L206 P) in a Patient with Fabry Disease. 2017
28409292 Effects of the donor age on proliferation, senescence and osteogenic capacity of human urine-derived stem cells. 2017
28420406 Genomics insights into different cellobiose hydrolysis activities in two Trichoderma hamatum strains. 2017
28426178 Multiplexing N-glycan analysis by DNA analyzer. 2017
28439623 Identification of multiple sources of the acidic charge variants in an IgG1 monoclonal antibody. 2017
28456989 Methods for Determination of α-Glycosidase, β-Glycosidase, and α-Galactosidase Activities in Dried Blood Spot Samples. 2017
28526854 Induction of senescence in primary glioblastoma cells by serum and TGFβ. 2017
28554861 Galantamine alleviates senescence of U87 cells induced by beta-amyloid through decreasing ROS production. 2017
28588643 Molecular cloning, expression, and characterization of four novel thermo-alkaliphilic enzymes retrieved from a metagenomic library. 2017
28600215 A new type of pharmacological chaperone for GM1-gangliosidosis related human lysosomal β-galactosidase: N-Substituted 5-amino-1-hydroxymethyl-cyclopentanetriols. 2017
28623735 Biochemical and structural characterization of Penicillium purpurogenum α-D galactosidase: Binding of galactose to an alternative pocket may explain enzyme inhibition. 2017
28646455 Human nucleus pulposus intervertebral disc cells becoming senescent using different treatments exhibit a similar transcriptional profile of catabolic and inflammatory genes. 2017
28647147 Capillary electrophoresis with stationary nanogel zones of galactosidase and Erythrina cristagalli lectin for the determination of β(1-3)-linked galactose in glycans. 2017
28680430 Human Alpha Galactosidases Transiently Produced in Nicotiana benthamiana Leaves: New Insights in Substrate Specificities with Relevance for Fabry Disease. 2017
28697272 Screening of antigenic vesicular fluid proteins of Echinococcus multilocularis as potential viability biomarkers to monitor drug response in alveolar echinococcosis patients. 2017
28796247 P53-dependent downregulation of hTERT protein expression and telomerase activity induces senescence in lung cancer cells as a result of pterostilbene treatment. 2017
28799081 The Psychosocial Impact of Carrying a Debated Variant in the GLA Gene. 2017
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