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28889373 Analysis of Chromosomal Alterations in Urothelial Carcinoma. 2018
28889375 A Versatile Assay for Detection of Aberrant DNA Methylation in Bladder Cancer. 2018
28903484 Novel Role of FBXW7 Circular RNA in Repressing Glioma Tumorigenesis. 2018
28917034 Selenoprofiles: A Computational Pipeline for Annotation of Selenoproteins. 2018
28917035 SelGenAmic: An Algorithm for Selenoprotein Gene Assembly. 2018
28930517 miRNA as viral transcription tuners in HPV-mediated cervical carcinogenesis. 2018
28930521 Multifactorial role of long non-coding RNAs (LncRNAs) in hematopoiesis. 2018
28930546 Tick-host-pathogen systems immunobiology: an interactive trio. 2018
28930564 Expression and role of long non-coding RNA H19 in carcinogenesis. 2018
28930579 Using comparative genomics to decode the genetics of acaricide resistance. 2018
28930592 Choline, the brain and neurodegeneration: insights from epigenetics. 2018
28940074 Imaging of DNA and Protein by SFM and Combined SFM-TIRF Microscopy. 2018
25891033 Three Different Routes of Inoculation for Experimental Infection with Schmallenberg Virus in Sheep. 2017
25919649 Hepatitis E Virus and Related Viruses in Animals. 2017
25924108 Avian Paramyxovirus: A Brief Review. 2017
26207516 Long noncoding RNA linc00617 exhibits oncogenic activity in breast cancer. 2017
26234165 Chromosomal polymorphism in mammals: an evolutionary perspective. 2017
26467853 Endopolyploidy as a potential driver of animal ecology and evolution. 2017
26526919 Trapping devices of nematode-trapping fungi: formation, evolution, and genomic perspectives. 2017
26581337 Using hiPSCs to model neuropsychiatric copy number variations (CNVs) has potential to reveal underlying disease mechanisms. 2017
26715590 Chloramphenicol acetyltransferase-a new selectable marker in stable nuclear transformation of the red alga Cyanidioschyzon merolae. 2017
26738859 Association of Parkinson's Disease GWAS-Linked Loci with Alzheimer's Disease in Han Chinese. 2017
26750132 Age-Related Expression of a Repeat-Rich Intergenic Long Noncoding RNA in the Rat Brain. 2017
26758880 Decondensation of chromosomal 45S rDNA sites in Lolium and Festuca genotypes does not result in karyotype instability. 2017
26781092 Histone acetylation and reactive oxygen species are involved in the preprophase arrest induced by sodium butyrate in maize roots. 2017
26790661 The regulation of transcriptome responses in zebrafish embryo exposure to triadimefon. 2017
26795344 Withania coagulans tryptophan decarboxylase gene cloning, heterologous expression, and catalytic characteristics of the recombinant enzyme. 2017
26796880 Plant-pathogen interactions: toward development of next-generation disease-resistant plants. 2017
26801770 A computing platform to map ecological metabolism by integrating functional mapping and the metabolic theory of ecology. 2017
26822098 MTD: a mammalian transcriptomic database to explore gene expression and regulation. 2017
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